Orthodontics for Teens

A great smile is a key to opening doors in life, and orthodontic therapy will help your teen be their best.

Our non-extraction philosophy is ideally suited for adolescents and teens. Dr. Lawrence has extensive training and experience in non-extraction techniques, which means we will achieve excellent results, often without needing to remove any adult teeth.

Smiling with crooked teeth is always more embarrassing than smiling with braces. And the benefits to your teen’s dental health and their smile will be worth it. Dr. Lawrence has now been in practice just long enough to have some of his former teenage patients returning with their children. And these adults still appreciate the beautiful and healthy smile that they received at our office!

As we mention in Orthondontics for adults, braces and orthodontic treatment have come a long way and most treatment times are a lot shorter. Please see us for an evaluation of your teenager even if they are telling you they don’t want to wear braces!

Some of our teen patients before and after photos are on display in our Treatment Results section.