Orthodontics and Surgery

Some abnormal growth patterns may require a team approach of braces and jaw correcting (orthognathic) surgery. Dr. Lawrence has a lot of experience in this area. In fact, Dr. Lawrence’s wife underwent corrective jaw surgery.

After he evaluates you at your first appointment, he will direct you to an excellent oral surgeon for evaluation. Dr. Lawrence will work closely with the surgeon on the treatment plan and implementation of the plan to make sure you get the best results from your surgery.

While treatment for surgery is unique to each individual, it will initially involve being treated with braces, followed by surgery (the braces remain on during surgery). After surgery there will be some further adjustments to your braces to get to the finished alignment of teeth and jaws. Both Dr. Lawrence and the oral surgeon will use advanced computer based surgical treatment plans and will work together to get you the best results.

We recognize that surgery is a big decision to make for yourself, or on behalf of your child. We will do everything we can to make you comfortable with this important and highly beneficial decision. Take a look at some of our surgical before and after pictures in Our Treatment Results section.