Did you hear that Dr. Lawrence is also an inventor? Dr. Lawrence noticed a growing problem in orthodontics and he set out to create a solution!

The Problem…

As orthodontists started bonding brackets to molars, instead of fitting bands over the teeth, a new challenge developed… It’s dark back there!

“How do you glue the brace precisely to the right spot if you can’t see clearly?” the orthodontic residents grumbled.

The overhead dental lights were too shadowy, and reflecting light with the small round mirror while trying to position the brace was clumsy and difficult. The result was the brackets were sometimes bonded to the incorrect spot on the tooth, which would lead to longer treatment times.  And, this problem wasn’t isolated to orthodontic residents – even the best and most experienced orthodontists cannot work effectively in the dark!

The Solution…

Dr. Lawrence wanted to find a way to put the light right next to the teeth and thought it could be accomplished using the cheek retractor that orthodontists already use when placing brackets.

He teamed up with good friend, Michael Tur, who has extensive manufacturing experience in the robotics industry.

Together they turned Dr. Lawrence’s idea into an effective design, and worked to manufacture the OralEnlight®: The World’s First Illuminated Cheek Retractor! (US Patent #8,419,428)

And, because we like keeping jobs in Ohio, it is being made and assembled locally.